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From the Formica Top: Cheat Day Luncheon
Thursday, October 04, 2007
From the Formica Top #3
What's going on around my kitchen lately

Cheat Day Luncheon
So, I completely disrupt my healthy eating once a week and take advantage of that day to make things that are both new and a bit gourmet. After last week's cheat at the oh-so-not-sophisticated Texas Roadhouse (I was going to write a review, but no one that likes good, unique food would even think of eating at a franchise where the goal is to appeal to the lowest common denominator, so it would be silly to say I didn't really like it), I think I deserve something amazing.

And so I have assembled a late luncheon menu that I am so excited about that I've started wearing a bib to catch all the drool.

A Food Network Newsletter that included a link to recipes for farm produce led me to Everyday Italian Giada DiLaurentis' recipe for Butternut Squash Tortellini in Brown Butter Sauce.

A mostly intact container of chevre goat cheese from Beltane Farm (purchased at last week's Wooster Park market which I wrote about recently here) and my current obsession with cheesy risotto (uhm, there's some simmering now) inspired me to look for a recipe for goat cheese risotto. I got a quite a few recipes from my Googling, but decided on doing it myself, because none of them looked appetizing. I'll let you know how it goes. Plus write notes so I can actually tell you what I did. Seriously...beets in risotto?

Serious Eats' current obsession with grilled cheese sandwiches and the 1/3 of a pound of Pleasant Cow cheese has me twisting new recipes in my head. What about a little of that local honey, lightly spread, on those fantastic sourdough boules from the Farmers Market, with the cheese, grilled with butter (for sure!).

Such an earthy meal deserves a good cup of chai.

Anyone want to come to a late lunch on Saturday?
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