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Butternut Squash Soup
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
So this soup was the hit of my Mabon dinner on Sunday night (to celebrate the first day of autumn). I've been asked to post this a couple times, so, being the generous and obliging blogger that I am, I will. Please be careful with the white pepper, because it really has a kick that I wasn't expecting. I've never used it before and just assumed that white pepper (like vanilla and white chocolate) would be a milder version of black pepper. Nope. It's hotter, but it leaves a nice warmth in the back of your throat. Really great soup overall and, of course, I used mostly local ingredients. I adapted this Butternut Squash Soup recipe at Fine Dining (please ignore the obnoxious ads on that page). I had a vegetarian coming to dinner, so I used vegetable stock instead of chicken stock and it was totally fine.

Unfortunately, by the time dinner was served everyone was hungry and I didn't get pictures!

*3 fair-sized butternut squash (I think it was about 7 lbs)
3 tbsp butter
*1 large sweet onion, or 2-3 medium ones
*3 garlic cloves sliced
2 boxes (about 8 cups) vegetable broth (you can use a little less)
Salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
*1/2 to 1 cup heavy cream (this depends how "creamy" you want it)

1. Cut the squash in half lengthwise and remove the seeds. Roast the squash to enhance the flavor on a baking sheet at 400° for at least an hour (it doesn't have to be falling apart, because the later steps will do that). Remove from the oven, scrape the flesh into a bowl; discard shells.
2. In a large saucepan melt the butter over medium high heat and sauté the onion until tender (this could take 5-15 minutes), then add garlic, letting it cook up for a couple minutes. Stir in the squash, vegetable broth, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil then reduce the heat to a simmer for 30 minutes to an hour (until all the flavors meld and the squash is very soft).
3. Puree in a food processor until smooth; return soup to the saucepan; add cream stirring constantly without boiling until heated through.

*Local ingredient

You can modify the recipe, as well, for a thinner soup. This one was fairly thick. Add more stock or water after pureeing and adding the cream if you feel that it's too thick. I made this the day before and let it sit overnight before pureeing, which I think added to the layers of flavor. I also probably added some Goya Adobo at some point, because I always do.
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