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Pork Dumplings
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
1 lb. ground pork (the leaner the better)
4 stalks of celery
4 stalks of scallion
Fennel seed (optional)
Goya Adobo
Ground pepper
Package of wonton skins

1. Finely chop celery and scallion.
2. Mix celery, scallion, fennel seed (optional, but if you're using it, use about a teaspoon or two), Adobo and pepper into the ground pork.
3. Layout half of the wonton skins, dropping small spoonfuls of the pork mixture into the middle of the wonton squares.
4. With warm water, brush the edges of the wonton skins and then lay the other half of the skins on top of the first skin and pork mixture, sealing the edges tightly. The dumplings will look like ravioli.
5. Steam the wontons until cooked through (about 10 minutes, but double check to be sure). If you don't have a bamboo steamer, just use a steel strainer inside a deep pot filled with water just below the strainer. Only steam a few of the dumplings at a time, as they will stick. Definitely spray the strainer with cooking spray so that they slide off easily when cooked.
6. Serve with soy sauce and be prepared to make a whole bunch of these. They will disappear very quickly.

Alternative Preparation Ideas
>Use eggroll wrapper and use more pork mixture to stuff it, roll it up into an eggroll and steam. This will make a lot less work; you won't have to make 20-30 dumplings, but only about 10 eggrolls.
>Put less mixture in the wonton skins and make wontons from only one skin, as opposed to using two skins to make a dumpling. This takes forever, but if you have a few friends to help, have fun.
posted by Starry Saltwater Rose @ 5:22 PM  
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