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Eat Local Challenge and Me
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I've decided to tackle the Eat Local Challenge, albeit in my own way. The September 2007 Challenge suggests eating only local foods for 30 days, to encourage creativity, research and awareness about local eating. I've decided that I am not going the hard-core way on this one, but am, instead, going to eat more local foods, because I don't eat very many at the moment. I am going to commit to being creative, researching options and sharing my local meals with friends. This way I'll be working in the spirit of the challenge. One big challenge I am making for myself is to do an all-local Autumnal Equinox dinner on September 23, since I am pagan and do celebrate these things--not to mention, local and organic foods are very in tune with pagan beliefs about being good to the earth.

I'll also be posting recipes here made with local foods and tagging each one with the Eat Local Challenge Logo, as well as creating a section in the sidebar with all Eat Local Challenge posts, both from this blog and my daily journal blog, Starry Saltwater.

I'm really excited to push myself to eat local, especially since my experience at the Edgewood Park Farmers Market was both bountiful and communal. My boyfriend grew up in extreme-northern, rural Maine and often ate locally, due to all the farms in the area. In fact, his first job was shoveling cow manure at a dairy farm. He loves farm eggs and vegetables, so this will not be difficult for him at all.

I encourage everyone to find a way to participate in the challenge, even if it's only in small ways. Be good to the earth, local economies, yourself and your friends.
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