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Thanks 07 Report #4: I'm Getting Very Sleepy
Thursday, November 22, 2007
It's 1:16am and I'm still up (and the neighbors are still tromping up and down their stairs).
  • The second shopping trip is done (which included the farmers market downtown--finding parking was h*ll--the liquor store and supermarket).
  • Flan is done (I managed not to burn myself).
  • Forbidden rice for stuffed onions is done (it has an amazing flavor and a sticky purple-ish sauce at the bottom which tastes delicious).
  • Pumpkin and apple pies are just about ready to hit the oven (the gingerbread crust on the pumpkin one is a pretty brown).
  • The turkey brine is done.
  • Stuffing bread is chopped up (going stale as I write).
  • Little sausages are in sauce.
  • Stuffed celery spread is done (this is going to make Lenny really happy).
  • Cranberry sauce is bubbling on the stove.
  • Unexpected guests have called to say they're coming (ooooh, long story).
  • Fridge has been rearranged a few times (at least).
  • Evelyn and I have done dishes at least once an hour for the last six hours.

And there's still so much to do!

But I'm loving on my Calphalon cookware and new IKEA table that became a work surface this evening.

I may just get three hours of sleep.
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