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Eating At Miya in New Haven, CT
Saturday, September 15, 2007
More Than Just A Dragon Roll
Eating at Miya at 68 Howe St, New Haven, CT

Miya in New Haven is one those kinds of restaurants that even the New York Times has noticed.

I saw Becky today, in one of our rare "New Haven Days," and she was hungry, feeling on some sushi. So I said, "Miya?"

It was a crisp fall day (a week before the equinox) that started rainy and then blue-skyed up, sun falling all over the place. I was excited to see tables out in from of Miya, because sitting outside sounded perfect.

We were handed menus and Miso Soup, like any good sushi place. I love the tradition of hospitality I've found at all the sushi places I go to. Becky was a little overwhelmed with the all the choices, but our lunchtime budget made the decision a little easier. There were very different ingredients in the rolls--papaya, goat cheese, coconut, cranberries and more. The menu is pretty quirky, with humorous roll names and hilarious descriptions.

I ended up ordering a regular salmon roll with a Water Piglet Roll, which consisted of rare-fried tuna, goat cheese and cranberries. Becky ordered the Kwanzaa Bananza Roll and a seaweed salad. Well, the salad showed up and it was not your ordinary pile of seaweed on a plate, but a huge, Italian-sized bowl of greens, tomatoes, seaweed and a sweet vinaigrette. Becky looked up at me and I dug my chopsticks in, as it was way too big for her to finish alone. I really like seaweed, so I wasn't sad at the added appetizer.

My meal is in the pic above. In the background is the plain salmon roll. Since I was ordering something complex, I went with a simple roll for balance. Salmon rolls are good, because salmon is good. I really appreciated the toasted black and brown sesame seeds, especially when I was all done with the meal and the nutty, roasted flavor lingered on my tongue.

Now, the Water Piglet Roll was amazing (that's it in the foreground of the above pic). I learned somewhere that goat cheese and cranberries go well together and have made an appetizer of said ingredients on toast, warmed in the oven. In a sushi roll it was amazing. The goat cheese certainly grabs your tongue first, but when you get to the tuna the meaty taste of the fish really melded. The sweetness of the dried cranberries popped and I enjoyed every bite of my roll.

Becky's Kwanzaa Bananza Roll was almost ridiculously huge (pictured at left). It had avocado, papaya, cream cheese, shrimp and rolled with shredded coconut. I'm sure it had more stuff in it that I can't remember. I didn't try it, because we were very possessive with our rolls. I should have traded her a Water Piglet piece, but I didn't. I was really greedy with my goat cheese.

Thankfully we were walking around after lunch, because we were pretty stuffed. And all for 26 bucks. Not a bad deal. The only thing I regret is that I couldn't try one piece of everything on the menu, but I suppose that's what brings you back again.

There's very little traditional at this sushi place (aside from the many, many kinds of sake), so if that's what you're going for, you might steer clear of this spot. But I highly recommend otherwise. Eating at Miya is an adventure, especially if you're craving sushi and creative cuisine.
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